Founded in 1994, The JESCLON Group, Inc.,


"Your Alternative to Ordinary Solutions" 

We commit to provide the Human Resources programs and services to fit your business needs.

Business Objectives

  • We will undertake consulting assignments that are intended to result in direct contributions to your business objectives and profitability, as measured by results.
  • We will design and put in place workshops to bring about demonstrable behavior change, on the job and in your place of work, as determined by your feedback.
  • We will enter into collaborative relationships in which responsibility is shared with you, the client. Skills are transferred to your business until dependence on us is gradually diminished and you're working on your own.
  • We will help you enhance the productivity of your people through needs analysis, enhanced communication and joint decision making. We will accept only strategic alliances and short-term, value-added consulting assignments with specific result objectives and measurements; all our work is fee-based.
  • We unconditionally guarantee the quality of our work.

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